causes of stomach gas problem? Ways to reduce stomach gas

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causes of stomach gas problem

Most people suffer from stomach gas. But gas is not a serious or fatal disease like other diseases. Gas can be caused by several reasons. However, excess oil, fried foods and drinking less water than required mainly cause gas in the stomach. Gas often causes flatulence, bloating and distension, and abdominal and chest pain. Sometimes stomach gas causes loss of appetite. But the gas is easily released.

What is stomach gas?

Stomach gas is usually a disease like any other disease. Only those who suffer from this disease know how painful it is. Consuming too much spicy and oily food and fried food causes stomach gas. People often accidentally or unintentionally swallow air, causing flatulence and gas formation in the stomach, and gas often causes nausea.

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If there is gas, stomach aches, and sometimes chest aches. In the body, the stomach organs contain many beneficial bacteria, which work in the digestion of food. After digestion of food, they produce gases like nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide etc. These gases are odorless and in some cases bacteria produce sulphur-rich gases which are foul-smelling.

Causes of stomach gas

Stomach gas and abdominal pain can occur due to various reasons. Almost everyone suffers from this problem and it is very painful. Most people pass gas about 10/15 times a day either through burp or wind. Many people also develop excess gas. The causes of stomach gas are mentioned:

If more air enters

Any air that gets into the stomach causes gas, and whatever gas you expel somehow reaches the intestines, and this can also happen when you breathe through your mouth. Some of the gas in the intestines is produced by the microbes and bacteria that live there. If you have a lot of gas, it may be because you have inhaled too much. Then some of it comes out through gas and some through pore.

Carbonated drinks

Soda, beer, any fizzy drinks work to produce gas. If you have gas problem and if you like to drink carbonated drinks then drink plain water instead, you will easily know the difference. So avoid carbonated drinks as soon as possible.

Due to diet

Certain foods cause gas in the stomach. For example, vegetables, broccoli, fiber-rich foods with psyllium, rice and green grains produce gas. After soaking chickpeas and beans for about 12 hours, gas is reduced. Also many times food is not digested properly and stomach gas is produced even after eating sticky food and dairy food.

bad habit

Some habits cause excess air to enter the mouth. For example, chewing any hard candy or chewing gum consumes more air, while eating too quickly and drinking with a straw can cause gas. If you have a tendency to chew your pen then you must be ingesting excess air which comes out as gas.

Slow digestion or constipation

If for some reason you are constipated and food enters the intestines slowly, this gives more opportunity for gas formation. If food stays in the stomach for a long time, bacteria also exist for a long time, which causes gas. Digestive power declines with age, which helps form phlegm and some drugs and artificial sweeteners produce gas.

Keeping the mouth open while sleeping

Snoring or open-mouth breathing while sleeping can involuntarily ingest large amounts of air throughout the night, which can lead to gas.

Stomach gas medicine

Ranitidine is a widely used drug for treating stomach gas. Ranitidine can usually be taken or consumed without a prescription or as directed by a doctor for stomach gas problems. Apart from ranitidine, there are other types of gas treatment medicines available in the market, which can help reduce gas. For example, omeprazole, esomeprazole, antacid and rabiprazole.

The mentioned medicines act almost the same way for gas. However, long-term consumption is not good for health.

Ways to reduce stomach gas

Only those who suffer from stomach gas problem understand how much pain it is. If you eat fried food or eat too much fried food, then uncomfortable gas starts. But getting rid of gas problem is not that difficult. To get rid of gas, you have to watch your diet and avoid foods that cause gas.

Foods to avoid and foods to avoid gas are discussed below:

Do not eat anything

Legumes: Legumes, chickpeas, pulses, soybeans etc. cause gas. Because they contain a lot of sugar, fiber and protein which is not easy to digest food. Due to which causes stomach gas problem.

Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Broccoli: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cauliflower, all these vegetables contain sugar called ‘raffinose’. Which does not happen until the stomach bacteria are stimulated in the human body. Due to which the problem of stomach gas increases in this condition.

Milk and Dairy Foods: If you feel stomach gas problem after consuming milky foods then you must know that you have digestive problems with milky foods. Essentially, undigested food creates gas in the stomach and these are responsible for gas.

Guavas and Apples: Guavas and apples contain fiber and a sugar called sorbitol that doesn’t aid digestion and causes gas.
Salty foods: Salt contains a lot of sodium and is a water repellent. Eating too much salt is not good for health and eating salty food also causes problems of water retention in the body and causes problems in the stomach and prevents digestion of food, does not want to be digested easily.

whatever you eat

Ginger: Eating ginger helps in reducing gas faster and has the most effective anti-inflammatory properties. If you have stomach gas and flatulence, chewing ginger with salt and chewing it raw is very beneficial and you will see that the problem of gas is solved easily.

Cucumber: Cucumber works to reduce belly fat as well as keeping the stomach cool. Cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory and flavonoid compounds that reduce gas in the stomach.

Oranges and Bananas: Eating a banana every day will help you get rid of tiredness throughout the day, besides, bananas and oranges help remove excess sodium from the stomach and help you get rid of gas problems easily.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a cooling food and yogurt plays an important role in increasing our digestive power. Yogurt works to digest food very quickly, thereby reducing the chances of gas in the stomach and eliminating gas problems.

Papaya: Papaya contains a type of enzyme called papaya that works to improve digestion and regular consumption of papaya reduces gas problems.

Getting rid of gas problem is not a difficult task. It is possible to get rid of gas easily if you keep a good eye on your food and drink.

Ways to reduce gas naturally:

It is not only medicines that reduce gas but natural ways to reduce gas are also possible. There are some home remedies that can be used to get rid of painful gas. For example-

Water: Drink water every morning on an empty stomach. At first if you can’t drink much water, drink little or one glass and then gradually drink more water. It will eliminate stomach gas easily. In this way you will know the difference if you drink water for 3/4 weeks.

Cumin: Cumin is a very effective ingredient in removing stomach gas. Make 50 grams of cumin powder with sugarcane jaggery and mix it well to make 5/6 pills of 10 grams and take these three times a day regularly to get rid of gas pain very easily.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a very effective natural ingredient for digestion. Make half a spoon of cinnamon syrup in a glass of hot water and drink it 2 to 3 times a day to reduce gas.

Honey-Ginger: Mix pure honey with ginger juice and drink a mixture regularly before lunch and dinner. And you can chew ginger with salt as much as possible, it will reduce gas.

Bananas: Bananas help to relieve body fatigue. Eat at least two bananas a day. Banana Banana is more effective in digestion and keeping the stomach clean.

Cold milk: We usually drink hot milk and we like to drink hot milk. But cold milk plays a very effective role in controlling stomach gas.

From the above discussion it can be said that gas is not such a difficult disease. Getting rid of gas is easy if you watch your food. So always be careful about food. Drink more water daily and eat less oily and fried foods.

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