10 types of food that prevent diseases

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10 types of food that prevent diseases

Body and mind are inseparable. Happiness prevails in a beautiful and happy mind. If the body is not good, the mind-mood becomes irritable.

Currently, we are all fighting a global epidemic disease called ‘Corona’.

It is important to know how we can keep ourselves healthy and increase the immune system of the body during this transition period of Corona.

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Whatever we eat is called food only if it is absorbed and replenishes the body’s losses, prevents disease and grows. 10 Foods That Fight Disease

1. Bread, flour, and flour contain sufficient amounts of vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine, which increases the function of the spleen and thymus gland, the two organs most important for disease prevention. Other ‘B’ vitamins are also important. Folic acid is found in fresh vegetables, vitamin B-12, liver, fish, eggs, mushrooms, and whole grains.

2. Foods rich in vitamin A which are available in fresh vegetables such as red cabbage, spinach. Carrots, mangoes, bananas, papayas, colorful fruits are also rich in vitamin A. There are loose fish, meat, milk, eggs. Vitamin ‘A’ contains beta-carotene which improves the function of skin and mucous membranes, strengthens the immune system. Helps in antibody response, helps in prevention of bed bugs etc.

3. Ghee, milk and dairy products are rich in calcium. In addition, vegetables, fish, peanuts and pulses contain sufficient amounts of calcium, which combines with magnesium to increase immune function. It helps in reducing fat.

4. Chocolate, ice-cream, cocoa powder, meat, egg yolk, shellfish, aromatic spices etc. combine well with iron. Maintains the balance of white blood cells which play a helpful role in building immunity.

5. Marine fish, seafood, chicken, liver, egg yolks, whole grains, hilsa fish, fish oil, etc. contain the mineral selenium, which increases the function of white blood cells and immune enzymes. This oil contains fatty acids. They help prevent disease.

6. Magnesium – Fresh vegetables, peanuts, seafood and whole grains contain magnesium. They increase the function of immunity.

7. Vitamin E is found in plant foods, vegetables, fruits, herbal oils. Beans, Beans, Groundnuts etc. It is also found in animal foods, eggs, egg yolks, fish, meat and milk. They increase the efficiency of white blood cells.

8. Amalaki, haritaki, papaya, watermelon, cabbage, sour lemon, orange, guava etc. They increase chemical messenger numbers. Especially interferon which plays an important role in preventing infection process.

9. Zinc – Green vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, cereals, shrimp, seafood are rich in zinc – which helps to increase the effectiveness of free radicals. Helps to get rid of debris cells (those that die after destroying bacteria). Zinc is an essential nutrient for our body. Zinc is a part of many enzymes in the body and is present in all tissues.

10. Foods like green tea, whole grains, and fresh vegetables contain manganese, which helps boost killer immune cell function.

Make a habit of eating every day: fibrous food, fresh green vegetables, banana, lemon, tomato and cucumber, onion, garlic, black pepper, sea fish.

Author: Chest specialist, Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital

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