What is Google Analytics ? What is the function of Google Analytics?

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What is Google Analytics

Google is world famous for their search engine technology. They have built their ecosystem in such a way that after creating a website, they have all the tools needed to publish and monitor it on the Internet and earn from it.

For this you will not need to use any third party service. However, in our today’s article, we will know in detail about the website monitoring tool Google Analytics, its functions and benefits.

What is Google Analytics?

We create websites to promote our business or organization to the public. Every website is created with a different purpose. That is, website visitors are not all of the same country or age. But how do you know how to build a website that will reach the right people in the right country and age?

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Let’s say you’ve created a website about boat building equipment. Only adults or middle aged people will have demand for such products. A 20-year-old would never want to spend money to buy boat building materials.

That is, you need to know which group of people you can benefit from if you create a product for them. Now after creating the website you need to take measures to monitor various issues and visitors so that your product reaches the right people.

Google has launched a very popular program to monitor websites and visitors which we know as Google Analytics. It is a program of Google’s website management division. Usually using this tool to review the traffic of a website to extract much needed information. Google Analytics helps to find out where the traffic comes from the website, how long they stay on which pages, which pages are visited, the gender and age of the visitor etc.

All this information helps to optimize the entire website while using it for marketing purposes. Simply put, Google Analytics helps webmasters to visually see and review what’s going on inside a website.

What is the function of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics does a variety of things. Its functions are described step by step below.

Data Collect: A tracking ID is provided from Google Analytics when signed up. With this tracking ID, Google collects the necessary data from the website. Live data is available quickly due to Google’s high data tracking speed.

Basically based on this data they do all kinds of reviews. Finally, the report is generated and sent to the website owner.

Data Review: After collecting the data, the first step is to filter the data. Google reviews the data using their tools. Usually when the data arrives at Google, they sort it based on some pre-defined criteria.

These predefined criteria include age, gender, country, language, device etc. This means that when you visit a website, the owner of that website can filter your data using Google Analytics.

Performance Measurement: Google Analytics examines the overall performance of a website. Here bounce rate, user behavior, impressions etc. are calculated along with load time. This gives the website owner an in-depth idea of what users think about their entire website and how they navigate there.

Content Improvement: User performance is a big part of Google Analytics. Because Google Analytics takes into account user impressions to understand what the content of our website is like and whether it is useful for visitors to improve the content.

In this you can improve the quality of the content as well as meet the needs of the visitors. Moreover, there is no substitute for high quality content to rank in Google search.

Marketing Method Development: The success of any product or service depends on marketing. User data is needed to use the right marketing methods. We get all kinds of user related data using Google Analytics.

If a marketing campaign can be created by reviewing this information, it is possible to send the service or product to the right people. This reduces the possibility of negative marketing or spam marketing. On the other hand, marketing costs are reduced and sales are increased. Basically, Google Analytics helps us to plan the right marketing plan by analyzing the website.

Concept of visitors: Different types of visitors come to visit the website. It is very important as a webmaster to know what age groups are visiting our website and what devices they are using. This information not only helps us in marketing but also gives us an idea of what to do to optimize the website.

Page Optimization: Website speed is very important. Moreover, Google Analytics helps a lot to get an idea about how to arrange text, images, videos on a page to give a natural feel without disturbing the visitor.

The overall performance of the website depends on the on page optimization. So we have to focus on this subject where Google Analytics helps enough with the data.

E-mail based data: Google Analytics tool is very useful to know how e-mail or other sharing medium is influencing the website. The more shares a website gets, the more visitors it gets. The more visitors come, the more the product sales increase.

A lot of visitor hopes without any paid marketing is gold for the website owner. Because every year a lot of money is spent on marketing. If you get so many visitors through main and social share by optimizing the content, then there is no question.

Custom report: Google Analytics shows us through a custom report how many visitors come to the site, when they come, through what means, what device they use and which page they visit etc.

With the information contained in these custom reports, we gain insight into everything from website optimization to content, page optimization, marketing, user conversion, etc. Get ideas on how to fix them immediately.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

The benefits of Google Analytics as a webmaster cannot be overstated. However, some special benefits are described below.

  • It is a free analysis tool.
  • It is very easy and can be used as a beginner without any trouble.
  • The entire tool is customizable, meaning you can view the data as you like.
  • Data Filtering facility allows you to selectively exclude unnecessary data.
  • Capturing multiple pages simultaneously allows multiple data searches.
  • Google Analytics can predict what to do next based on the data collected.
  • Here you can view more data including your search console report.

Google Analytics is a unique tool to take away the human stress of website maintenance after building it. Here all about this tool and its benefits are discussed.

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