What is domain? What is the importance of domain name?

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What is domain?

You need a website. And so you started the website creation. But that is never possible. Before creating a website, you must have a complete understanding of the necessary details. If that is not possible, then at least know about the essentials. One such thing is domain. A website can never be complete without it.

So do you understand the importance of this domain name in the case of a website? But unfortunately it is true that many people are totally ignorant about this domain name. Some people know a little bit but don’t know the whole thing. So let’s know all the necessary information about this domain name today.

What is domain?

Domain is an English word but in Bengali it is more popularly known as place. Suppose you want to open an offline store. Then of course you will need a place to build or set up that store. In Internet parlance, this space required for a website is called a domain. Just like a customer must know your address to enter your offline office, a customer must know your website address to visit your website. The domain is basically the address.

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Simply put, a domain is the official name of your own website. Through which customers will find and use your website. The main function of this domain is to identify your website. Nowadays, many people also know it as a domain name. By whatever name one calls it, the fact remains that its necessity can never be denied. Without a quality domain name, your website is completely useless.

How many types of domains?

There are many different types of domains in use today These domains are divided mainly on their quality. The better the quality of the domain, the more it plays a role in success. Let’s try to know details about some domains.

1. TLD Domain:- The most qualitative form of this TLD Domain is Top Level Domain. Just by looking at the name, you can understand how high quality this domain is. Many people are familiar with this type of domain, but many people do not know exactly which domain falls into which category. Of course, it is true that these domains can be recognized only if given a little.

Some of the best examples of TLD domains are .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .info, .net etc. Many of you may have seen this type of domain. .com and .org domains are commonly used for different services or organizations. Again .edu is mainly used for education related websites. The rest are used in open websites for various government work purposes, information dissemination websites and various networking sites respectively.

2. CcTLD Domain:- CcTLD domain is a very popular domain category nowadays. The full form of the name of this widely used domain is Country Code Top Level Domain. These domains vary by country. This means that sometimes websites in different countries use different names for different domains. Such domains usually include .bd, .uk, .us, etc.

In other words, if a country name is followed by a dot in the domain name, it is an example of a CcTLD. The necessity of CcTLD domains for various websites dealing with own country can never be denied. It is also peaking in popularity in the world of domain names.

3. gTLD Domain:- The name sounds like an example of a domain name assigned to a website used for government purposes. So? But in reality it is the opposite. Domain names of this type or those falling into this category are domains created for use on sites other than domain names used only for official sites.

Domain names falling under the category of gTLD can be used by all websites in the world. There is no difference with any country. This category also includes some domains of TLD domain names. Like .com, .org, .edu etc. It is good to know that the original form of this gTLD domain is Generic Top Lavel Domain.

4. SLD Domain:- Many people know about this domain. Domains with a company or site name prefixed to a domain name are called SLD domains. Due to which it is also called as sub domain.

Why do you need a domain?

Everyone who works with various sites must know a little about IP IP address is required for a website. But have you ever thought how difficult it is to memorize or remember the entire website name with its IP address? If you use the domain name instead, it’s easier and easier to remember. So the importance of domain name in making a website successful can never be denied.

What is required during domain selection?

Buying a domain name unnecessarily with the idea of creating a website in a hurry does not mean that it will be successful. Everything should be thought through and carefully considered. Since there is no opportunity to change the domain name repeatedly, there are important things to keep in mind while selecting the domain name. Let’s discuss about that.

1. Many times many people buy only the domain without buying the control panel of the domain. Which is absolutely stupid. This is very important when it comes to buying domains. Keep in mind when buying a domain that the entire domain is purchased with a control panel.

2. Before buying domain name must verify that selected domain name is empty. Because a domain name can never be used twice or duplicated. Therefore, this matter should be carefully scrutinized.

3. Currently, many dishonest company owners are competing to cheat people in the name of selling domains. So you must be careful that you yourself do not fall into the ranks of these people who are stuck. Before buying a domain, decide to buy it from a known and trusted company as much as possible. Be sure to check out their client reviews if you’re a complete stranger.

4. It is best to know the price details before buying a domain name. As a result, an initial idea about it will be born in the mind. There are many…who see cheap domains and jump to buy them. Which is the product of excessive stupidity. They don’t keep in mind that cheap is thirteen conditions. So don’t waste your hard-earned website chasing cheap domains. Buy domains at the right price rather than over- or over-priced.

5. Always try to prefer .Com domains. Because it is currently the most popular domain category. As a result, customers prefer to visit such websites. You too can use this prioritization. Since this is the most popular category, hopefully you will be able to recover the cost of buying it very easily and in less time. If you pay a little attention, you will see that many people do not even know that there is any domain other than .Com domain. So understand how popular it is!

last word

The first thing to think about when creating a website is to select the domain and customize it. If you can do this successfully then your website will also make you a successful person. Before that, you must know the correct information about the domain and then get down to business.

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