What is domain and hosting? Know before you buy.

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What is domain and hosting?

Many people have questions about what exactly domains and hosting are. Many people want to know what type of domain is better to buy. Or in terms of hosting, any type of hosting will get better speed. So let’s go into details.

What is domain?

In one word, the name of a website is the domain. “Domain” is the name of an Internet website or application. A domain name relates a website or application to an IP address based on the English web address. For example, “google.com” facebook.com” “sheba.xyz” etc. are domain names.

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To buy a domain, you must first decide on a name. Next domain you need to purchase domain from any provider. If you want to buy domain hosting, you need to spend a minimum of Rs.2,000.

Domain can be – (1) Top Level Domain (2) Second Level Domain (3) Third Level Domain.

For example www.backenddigital.com where (.com) is the top level domain, backenddigital is the second level domain and www is the third level domain.

Different types of domain extensions include –

  • .com
  • .org
  • .gov
  • .net
  • .xyz
  • .io
  • .ai
  • .edu etc.

King Domain

.com is called the king domain. This .com domain is more preferred by SEO experts than any other domain extension. Because the most familiar extension to a user is .com. As a result, .com domain gets more clicks than other domains.

Exact match domains

Exact match domains are domains that match the main keyword. For example, if you provide online hotel booking services and your domain is hotelbooking.com, then this is an exact match domain. Here your keywords and domain are matched together. Exact match domains will give you a slight advantage in search results only when searching with exact keywords (hotel booking).

Branded domains

One of the SEO strategies for 2023 is working with branded domains. Google is now giving more priority to branded domains for ranking. For example coderstrust.com is a brand name domain.

Country code top level domain

Country Code Top Level Domains get some priority in search results in certain countries. However, country code top level domains are not as effective in global targets. Examples of country code top level domains are .com.bd (Bangladesh), com.uk (England), com.us (USA) etc. Those whose business is limited to only one country can work with country code top level domains. If you want to take .com.bd domain in Bangladesh, you must buy it from BTCL.

Expired domain

Domains that were previously purchased but are no longer being used are called expired domains. If you can check the history of the domain and take the domain, you will be very ahead in terms of ranking. But if the expired domain you bought has already incurred Google penalty then you have to bear that penalty too.

What is hosting?

In simple words, hosting is the store or space where our website’s data is stored. When a visitor comes to your website, your data/files are loaded from your hosting. Your website speed largely depends on your hosting speed. So choosing good hosting is very important.

Types of Hosting

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

From the word shared hosting it is understood that this hosting is shared among different people. For example, hosting providers sell different parts of their hosting to different users. For example if his hosting is 100GB then from there he can sell 2GB/5GB/10GB among different users. Here all users are using this 100 GB share together.

The cheapest web hosting is shared hosting. Since a hosting is used by many people, this hosting is available at a low price. Usually smaller sites use this type of hosting.

Cloud hosting

The word cloud means that our site data is stored on a virtual hosting rather than on a specific hard disk. Like we can save a video on our PC or Google Drive. If you keep it in Google Drive, then save it in the cloud. Here our PC is the local host and Google Drive is the cloud host.

Since the data of cloud hosting is stored in the cloud, even if there is a problem with the server of a particular data station, the data of our site will be loaded from another server. This type of hosting is an expensive one. Generally medium and large websites use cloud hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a web hosting service that provides hosting servers over a network or internet connection. VPS hosting is virtual private server hosting, which shares a hosting server with users and creates a unique virtual server for each user.

These types of hosting need to be taken based on the requirements of the organization. As such not all websites require a separate server. If you have a large site and a large number of visitors, it is better to take VPS hosting. VPS hosting is usually very fast and your files are protected in the cloud.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting service for hosting WordPress websites. WordPress is a popular website platform that started as a blogging platform. But now WordPress is used to create almost all types of websites.

Installation of WordPress hosting is very easy. It is suitable for new users who are not proficient in WordPress. This hosting is made to target WordPress only.

Some popular domain hosting providers

Globally –

HostGator etc


Exon Host
Hosting Bangladesh etc

Is Shared Hosting Sufficient For Portfolio Website / Small Business?

Yes, shared hosting is available for portfolio websites/small businesses. Generally website speed does not depend only on hosting. Website speed optimization can also increase site speed.

Finally say

In short, domain and hosting are the two main components of website creation and publishing. Domain is the address of the website and hosting is the file storage space of the website and accessing the website through an online server.

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