What is a website? Why do you need a website?

What is a website?

According to Wikipedia, a website refers to a web server hosting web pages, video, audio, images or any other type of information that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet. When we try to access a website from our browser, the searched website displays all the files from a webserver together in the form of an HTML document through the HTTP protocol.

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To put it simply, what do we get after typing (facebook.com) in the browser? We can see Facebook, if we search for a website by typing itnuthosting.com again, we can see the website of IT Nut, that is, after searching any domain name, what we see is the website.

Why do you need a website?

If we go to discuss in detail why website is necessary in this era of globalization, then we will end page after page after hour but there is doubt whether the discussion will end. So instead of discussing for such a long time, we will try to discuss the important aspects of why a website is needed in a short cut, so let’s start without further ado.

Freelancing website

Are you looking to start freelancing or new to the freelancing world? If you are a new freelancer, your first task is to acquire skills in a particular sector.

For example: Anwar is a new freelancer, he is freelancing for a long time and has been making himself proficient in the graphic design sector. Anwar has mastered graphic design by practicing day after day and month after month, now he has skills in graphic design, he is fully prepared to do design related work. So since Anwar learned the job, he went to various marketplaces and created his own account and competed with millions of freelancers to get work.

Today he’s making a new gig at Fiber and tomorrow he’s working on a new project at Upwork. But despite having skills in graphic design, Anwar is not getting work in any way. Sometimes he gets a knock from the client, but in no way convinces the client that he really knows graphic design work, but he has skills in this matter. Some buyers are turning away after seeing Anwar’s profile because Anwar’s new account makes the client unsure whether Anwar will actually work with him.

Where is the mistake of Anwar? Why is he not getting the job despite having the skills? The answer is one, Anwar could not re-present himself as a graphics designer to the client. In this situation, if Anwar had a portfolio website and if Anwar had presented some of his previous projects as a portfolio, then he could have very nicely convinced the client that he really knows graphic design and has done numerous design related works before.

Whether it’s just graphic design or whatever you’re doing in the freelancing sector, having a portfolio is extremely important. You said all day that you can do this and that, but when you asked me to show you some projects, you could not show them.

What trust will give you work? The importance of a portfolio website cannot be overstated, but most of the freelancers in our country do not take this seriously, which is why there are many accounts in the marketplace, but very few freelancers who are actually working regularly.

Website for bloggers/writers

The Himu, Missir Ali of the previous era was born on the pages of the writer’s diary and the Himu, Missir Ali of the present era is born on the pages of Facebook posts. There are many good writers who are writing numerous articles in various Facebook groups, pages and posts all day long. If you go to Quora not only on Facebook, you will see a lot of writers, thousands of writers are constantly writing in thousands of categories.

Now the question is – why are you writing on other platforms even if you have good writing skills? Are you getting any money in return? Or benefiting in some other way? In exchange for your writing talent, you get some likes on Facebook and some upvotes on Quora. Will life continue with likes and upvotes? But Facebook, Quora or any other platform is earning money with your article.

After writing for a long time, you grew a page on Facebook, you increased the followers of your profile on Quora, but suddenly, for some reason, your Facebook page or Quora account was destroyed, what will happen then? Your long day’s hard work is gone in an instant.

So there is still time to think of any alternative besides quora, facebook. Instead of writing on other’s platform, make your own website, create your own platform, in this way, you can become financially independent, and on the other hand, you can introduce yourself as your portfolio.

You can know how hard the writers of the previous era had to reach the readers by turning two pages of history. It goes without saying how easy writing has become to reach readers these days. If Rabindranath was alive, maybe a free website would have been made by IT Nat. No matter what you write about, no matter who you write about, there is no substitute for a website to reach readers from the fringes of the village to the corners of the city.

Website for jobs

Yes, you heard right, website is also required for jobs. Many people in our country do not know that a website is needed for a job, but if you look at Europe and America, you will see that having a website has become common, starting from jobs to business, websites are in use everywhere.

Consider a very simple thing: thousands of CVs are submitted for a job, job recruiters usually spend a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 26 seconds on a CV. Now within these few seconds you have to impress some information in the CV so that you get selected for the next step.

Here’s a simple calculation: 90% of job seekers won’t include a portfolio website on their CV, and here’s your chance to get ahead. On the left side of the part on the CV where you give your phone number, e-mail address, if you can highlight the name of your website after the phone number, e-mail address, then think for yourself how much your CV will be ahead of everyone else’s CV.

Website for business

Bill Gators has a popular quote (If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business) the quote is absolutely correct in today’s era. If your business is not on the internet in this digital age, then your business will not grow much, your business will remain in a certain phase.

A business grows only when its customer base is large. The amount of customers you will get together on the Internet will not be found twice anywhere in the world. Everything from business promotion to promotion is possible with a website. Examples are right in front of your eyes, look at Amazon. Amazon is the biggest example of how big a website can become and how profitable a business it can become.

The website has become a symbol of trust, when a customer searches the website with your business name and gets all the information there, his trust will increase several times. Also, there is an opportunity to do low-cost marketing using the website, in exchange for which your number of customers will continue to increase day by day.

Your website will be live 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so anyone can search and order from any part of the world. The journey of e-commerce in Bangladesh has just started well, Bangladesh is the e-commerce era of the future, so if you are still sitting on your hands, do not change your business form with digitization, then it will be very difficult for your business to survive in the future, having a website for business Now kind of mandatory.

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