what is graphics design? How to learn graphic design?

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what is graphics design

The beginning

In the current era of digital marketing, the entire marketing department except graphics design is stagnant. The reason for this is in front of our eyes. Most of what is required for digital marketing is done by these graphic designers.

Banners, posters, billboards, social media cover photos, television commercials, etc. all fall under graphic design.

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For these reasons, the importance of graphic design is increasing day by day. So if you have decided to learn graphic design, it can definitely be one of the most rewarding decisions you make in your life.

However, our topic today is what is graphic design and how to learn graphic design. Hope you get answers to all your questions from this article.

What is graphics design?

Graphics design is the presentation of any information in front of people with creativity through colors, lines and different shapes. Most of the time this information is related to marketing.

Apart from marketing, there are various sectors under graphic design. Garments sector is one of them. Before manufacturing any product in the garment sector, it has to be designed.

And you will know that the garment sector of Bangladesh is world famous. So joining graphic design will be very beneficial for your career.

You will get job opportunities in various big companies if you can become a skilled designer. Also you can earn a lot of money by freelancing.

Also, this designing is required for various tasks of various government and private institutions including educational institutions.

Why is graphic design so popular as a career?

Many people are curious as to why graphic designing is so popular as a career. To be honest, there are many reasons for this. Anyone who wants to determine a career whose future is very bright. Let’s see why graphic design is so popular as a career:

creative profession

Graphics design is a creative profession at its core. Your creativity is your main tool in this profession, academic knowledge is not very useful here. If you are not creative, you cannot thrive in this sector.

If you don’t know how to use different graphic design software properly, you will not be able to express your creativity properly. You have to do different projects with a lot of practice and patience to improve your work skills.

You may find many designs online, but if you limit yourself to those free designs then this is not the career for you. You have to make yourself interested in learning.

The more creatively you can express your ideas, the better the quality of your work. If you love to express your creativity freely, you can thrive in the graphic design profession.

Higher demand

Visual content is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Graphics design is also becoming more demanding. Graphic design has become essential for everything from social media to website work.

The need for graphic design is increasing day by day, as there are few professionals in this industry. If you can make yourself proficient in this work then you can get job in many big companies of the world. Where your salary amount is comparatively much higher.

Opportunity to work at home

One of the biggest advantages of working in the graphic design sector is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to work in an office. You can work from home if you want.

Just by installing a laptop and necessary software, you can start working anywhere. As this profession is entirely dependent on work skills, educational qualifications are not considered very important. You can work in this sector only if you are skilled.

Freedom of work

Graphic designers are naturally independent. They love to work independently. You can work in this industry yourself if you wish. You can work on your own by contacting various clients using your portfolio.

You will find many platforms online where you can create your account and showcase your work. If someone likes your work, they will contact you to work on their project.

If you want to work independently then you can learn graphic design and start working now. Register now for Kite Learning’s graphic design course and start learning graphic design.

More income opportunities

As today’s world is leaning towards visual content, you can ensure more income by learning graphic design now. You might not know that there are many companies who spend millions of dollars just to design logos.

If you learn graphic design well then you can work in different sectors of graphic design. Besides, there are various e-commerce companies that take the help of graphic designers to display their products well on their website.

job opportunities

As a graphic designer, you can work in various domestic and foreign companies. It is better if you start working in different freelancing marketplaces than working in foreign companies.

Because once you work, you will build good relationships with clients from different countries and through them you will get opportunities to work with companies from different countries.

Also if you want to work as a graphic designer in a desi company, then in most cases you need to be a graduate and take a certified course in this subject.

But many domestic companies are now focusing more on skills than academic qualifications. You can work in those companies if you want.

Opportunity to showcase talent

We all know that there are few opportunities to showcase talent in Bangladesh. Even if there are opportunities, they are not appreciated. If you learn graphic design, you can work with different companies in India and abroad.

In that case, if you have talent, you should not have any difficulty in showing it. You will also get proper evaluation. If you want you can display your talents in the form of portfolio in the marketplaces. Clients can easily find you by looking at them.

No higher education required

You don’t need an advanced degree to learn graphic design. There are many people in the marketplaces who could not even pass school. From students to housewives are now attached to the work of graphic design.

There is no educational background requirement. So you can make a good career by learning graphic design without being too educated. No one here wants to hear from you how educated you are. Here your clients will only want to see your skills.

Future prospects

An even bigger message of hope is that the future potential of this sector is huge. Nowadays, a time has come where we understand marketing only as digital marketing.

Freelancing and Outsourcing

Freelancing and outsourcing is a very popular profession these days. Many unemployed youths are employed through this sector. You can earn lakhs of rupees at home from various marketplaces.

A very large part of this freelancing involves graphic design. It is in demand for creating all marketing materials, from a small logo to creating television commercials and digital marketing. That’s why these graphics design related jobs are available in the marketplaces.

How to learn graphic design?

After deciding on graphic design as a career, the first question that comes to mind is how to learn graphic design. There are mainly two ways to learn graphic design.

First, if you want, you can collect various resources from Google and read them. Then comes YouTube. You will also find various videos related to graphics design on YouTube. You can learn graphic design by following any of these channels.

There are also various institutes and websites that offer various online based courses. You can learn graphics designing by doing those courses. But first of all you need a computer and internet connection.

How to learn graphic design at home

Many of us are currently sitting at home due to covid 19. But if we want, we can learn graphic design by using our time at home.

As one of the best quality graphic design courses in Bangladesh at present, you can check the graphic design courses of Ghudi Learning if you want.

Here you can learn all the details about graphic design from basic to advanced at the same time.

Moreover, there is a complete course on how to learn graphic design and how you can earn online.

Moreover, many people are earning a good income by designing t-shirts. If you also want to earn money by doing something like that, then the graphic design courses of Kite Learning can be quite beneficial for you.

How long does it take to learn graphic design?

To be honest, only you can tell how long it will take you to learn graphic design. Let’s try to understand this with an example.

Suppose you loved math as a child. Again, to a friend of yours, math was one of the most difficult tasks in the world.

Now it might take you 10 minutes to do a math but your friend might need 30 minutes to do the same math.

Notice that even though the number is the same, the time taken by you and your friend to solve the number is not the same. Depending on the interests of both people, the time may take a little more time.

Similarly, if you are interested in graphic design, you can learn a lot in graphic design within a month.

But if you are learning graphic design just to make money, if you have no interest in it, then you might need a lot of time to learn.

What are the uses of graphic design?

To be honest, graphic design is in demand everywhere these days. From billboards to wall posters, graphic design touches are everywhere when you’re out on the streets.

So if you are truly a good quality graphic designer then surely you can earn a good amount of money using this skill.


This was basically a discussion about graphic design on what and how to learn graphic design. I hope you understand everything very well. Now it’s time to get down to business. Choose any approach, learn graphic design and enter the job market. If you want to know anything else, don’t forget to tell it in the comment box.

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