What is allergy ? Ways to get rid of skin allergies

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what is allergy ?

Allergies happen more or less to all people. Allergy is not a serious disease, but when allergic, the body and eyes are very itchy and swollen. Many times allergies are caused by different foods. For example – shrimp, hilsa, lentils, beef etc. In case of allergy, the body itches and the affected area becomes red.

Subject Matters:
1. What is a skin allergy?
2. Types of skin allergies
3. Causes of skin allergies
4. Certain causes of allergies
5. Skin allergy symptoms
6. Skin allergy test
7. Treatment of skin allergies
8. Ways to get rid of skin allergies
9. Domestic method
10. Allergy medicine
11. OTC Medicines for Skin Allergies
12. What to eat during allergies

What is a skin allergy?

Allergy is a combination of the Greek words Allos and Ergos. Allergies are caused by substances called allergens. These allergens reside in various components of the environment. Due to this allergy our body itches. Allergy occurs on the skin of almost all people around the world and is known to be a common disease. It is an external disease. Allergies are a malfunction of the immune system in the human body.

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A skin allergy is an unhealthy process in which a healthy human body’s immune system fights off a microbial attack. But the system is not harmful for people who have allergic diseases in their body. When a foreign substance enters our body, the body’s reaction is called allergy.

Types of skin allergies

Allergies can be of different types. For example-
Eczema: Eczema usually occurs when the skin is not able to tolerate something or when its capacity is low due to reduction or irritation.

Cosmetic Allergies: Many people may develop skin allergies from cosmetics. Different types of cosmetics such as lotions, creams, deodorants, makeup, shampoos etc. can cause skin allergies.

Sun allergy: Sun allergy can occur on the skin if you do not tolerate sunlight.

Latex Allergy: Often allergic to elastic or rubber.

Dust Allergy: Allergic skin can also be caused by the dust coating on old clothes, mattresses, books, pillows or any old items that have not been used for a long time.

Food Allergy: Many times allergies can be caused by food. For example, milk, seafood, egg, flour etc. can cause allergy.

Granuloma annulare: Granuloma annulare is a type of chronic skin allergy. It also causes a large rash with red skin rashes (papules) and is more common in children, adolescents, and young adults. But this allergy is more common in girls. The hands and feet are rashy and itchy. Not much is known about why this happens, but it can be easily treated.

Lichen planus: Generally, lichen planus allergy occurs in adults between 30 and 70 years of age and results in shiny patches on the skin. Can occur anywhere on the skin, but is most common on the ankles, neck, soles of the feet, back, and wrists. Some have it on the inside of the fingernails, on the face and on the head. But it is more due to genetics.

Hives and Angioedema: Hives are very common allergies. Allergies can occur anywhere on the body and progress very quickly and in most cases the allergy gets better within a few days. But for some it lasts longer.

Causes of skin allergies

We have no idea what allergies are for. Causes of allergies or skin diseases like eczema, wheezing etc. Allergies can be caused by various reasons. For example, dust accumulated inside the house is one of the main causes of asthma and allergies. House dust contains a type of bacteria that is responsible for about 60% of allergies. So it can be said that those suffering from allergies or Japanese diseases should always stay away from dust. And always keep the furniture, bed sheets, window curtains, clothes clean.

Certain causes of allergies

  • Air pollution causes allergies
  • Sometimes changes in weather can cause allergies in the nose.
  • May be due to lack of cleanliness.
  • The effects of tattoos on the skin can cause allergies.
  • Intake of inappropriate food can cause allergies.
  • Use of hair dyes may cause side effects.
  • May be from any medicine or side effects of drugs.
  • Dry skin causes allergies.
  • Insect bites cause allergic reactions etc.

Skin allergy symptoms

Different types of symptoms usually appear when allergies occur. For example –

  • Nasal congestion.
  • Starting to itch the eyes.
  • Watery and red eyes.
  • Frequent sneezing.
  • Frequent colds.
  • Lumpy, wheezing, pimples on the body.
  • Shortness of breath etc.

Common things that cause allergies are:

  • Sweat
  • Dust
  • Certain foods
  • Different types of drugs
  • Cold and hot weather
  • Stress
  • Various chemicals or detergents
  • Flower molecules
  • Pesticides
  • Domestic animals and birds
  • Fungi
  • Sun rays etc.

Skin allergy test

There are some necessary tests to know whether allergy exists in the body or not. These are

  • Chest X-ray
  • Blood test
  • Spirometry
  • Skin prick test
  • Serum IgE levels

Treatment of skin allergies

There is no permanent cure for allergies. Because it has everything to do with the immune system. So it is always better to avoid those foods or things that people are allergic to. And those who have symptoms of allergy due to uncontrolled movement can easily control the allergy with medicine.

Ways to get rid of skin allergies

Allergies are actually caused by substances called allergens. These allergens mainly exist in various components of the environment. And because of this allergy, the body gets itchy.

  • Cover the body and other areas of the face with cloths when stepping out of the house and start using sunscreen when needed.
  • Come outside and wash your face well with water, it will easily clean the dust accumulated on your face.
  • If possible use aloe vera gel or cream made from aloe vera.
  • Bathe in the evening after work will keep your body clean and less prone to allergies.
  • Use filtered water if possible.

Domestic method

If your skin is allergic and itchy then you can use coconut oil and camphor on the allergic site. Mixing coconut oil and camphor together and applying it on the affected area will give you quick relief.

Fatkiri-Fatkiri in the area of allergy and wash well with water. Keep applying mustard oil and camphor on the affected area. Burn amlaki seeds and apply coconut oil and small amount of camphor mixed well. You will get a lot of comfort in it.

Aloe vera is an anti-microbial and antibacterial ingredient that is very effective in reducing skin irritation. Grind the aloe vera well and apply the juice on the allergic area, it will be very beneficial.

Neem is basically a medicine with many benefits. It is used to treat allergies caused by bacterial infections. Soak neem leaves in water at night and make a paste of beet in the next morning and apply it on the affected areas.

Boil fennel and fresh ginger, mint leaves in hot water and drink that water. You can drink it 2-3 times a day. It helps in boosting the immune system of the skin.

Allergy medicine

There are different types of allergy medications. A few mentions are below:

  • Desloratidine
  • Cetirizine
  • Citizen
  • Diphenhydramine
  • Fexofenadine
  • Alatrol
  • Loratidine
  • Antihistamines (used for colds, sneezing and itching)

OTC Medicines for Skin Allergies

Allergies usually cause itchiness and make the body red and lumpy. OTC is one of the most effective medications for erg. Also OTC medicine works for digestive problems, constipation, colds and nausea. It is best to take treatment as per the advice of an OTC doctor. To know more about OTCs visit TabletWise.com to easily know the survey results.

What to eat during allergies

It is better to eat foods that do not cause allergies. Lemon, carrot and cucumber juice, banana, ginger tea and ginger, vitamin C, guava and orange fruits, green tea and castor oil are not allergic. Many people are allergic to many foods. However, many people are allergic to foods such as shrimp, prawns, beef, lentils, milk, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, sea-fish and brinjal. All foods except these foods can be eaten if allergic.

In this article we learned about allergies. If you want to get more information about allergies, please let us know in the comment box below.

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